Know your target

So many things these days are general or go under a generic brand name. That is not what Bay Baptist Training Centre is about. We are extremely focused on our target and aim to help all of our students hit the target God has set for their lives as well.

If you want to spend your life involved in disciple-making, church planting, and world-evangelizing ministry then we want to help you hit your target! Our classes and training are aimed at these very things. We believe the Word of God to be without error and the surest Word on the planet. The Book God gave us, the Bible, can be trusted to build a life and ministry upon.

We want to help you learn the Word, walk with the God of the Word, and teach others to do the same. If this resonates with your heart then go ahead and hit the apply button above and see about pursuing God’s calling upon your life!



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Training Great Commission Minded Leaders


Our Sole Purpose is to train leaders for Great Commission Service. We strive to give men and women the best Ministry and Bible training possible, so that they can get "plugged in" to Woldwide Evangelism, wherever God may call them to serve.​​​​​​​


Our ministry is two-fold: (1) a facility where men and women can come and get training for the work of the ministry. (2) an online facility that can be made available to local churches of like faith to be able to start a Bible institute at their location.


Click the button below to see our basic doctrinal position. Its purpose is not to provide a comprehensive embodiment of our doctrine but rather a broad outline so that you can know what to expect at Bay Baptist Training Centre.​​​​​​​


If you feel that God has called you to ministry, your first step is to prepare yourself to do the ministry to which God has called you. Bay Baptist Training Centre is here to help you get grounded in the Word of God! (II Tim 3:17)​​​​​​​